An AI Robot in the Service of the Stock Market

An AI Robot in the Service of the Stock Market

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The stock market is a fast-paced environment dealing with a large amount of data, and therefore, countless valuable opportunities to buy and sell stocks may be often overlooked.

A client wanted to accurate the process of securities' trading in the stock market. Further, the client wanted to rely on more precise calculations to consistently achieve the highest profit possible.


The team built an AI robot comprised of a trading algorithm. This AI robot was connected to all the stock markets in the world and received data from all of them.

The AI robot's mission was not to buy and sell rapidly, but to make the most of the collected data, and to earn more.

The AI robot received a collection of data from previous years and ran analytical models on it. Based on the robot's analysis, the team built accurate models to find opportunities that matched the client's needs.

Finally, the AI robot, utilizing the data from the models, diagnosed and calculated the data, then produced an output of an action item – either to sell or to buy a security.


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The AI algorithm calculated all the data and received an exact outcome (buy or sell) that would raise the client's profit in the stock market. The robot saved the client time and money; whereas trader would've had to analyze vast volumes of data under very complex stock market situations.

Ultimately, the client yielded an annual double digit ROI of above 10% due to the trading recommendations of the tailor-made AI robot and algorithm.

Eli Pelleg

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Multidisciplinary Performance Improvement Expert

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