A Closer Look at Social Networks' Trends – AI and Cultural Analysis

A Closer Look at Social Networks' Trends – AI and Cultural Analysis

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Millions of members of the Arab world use social media to exchange ideas and discuss their culture. A research institution sought to discover trends and discussions in the Arab world's social networks through the analysis of millions of posts and tweets in Facebook and Twitter.

The project was conducted for the client for research purposes only.


The research team built an automatic AI robot which integrated with Facebook and Twitter's platforms. The robot's research and examination process was as such:

1. The AI robot scanned the social networks
2. It aggregated millions of posts and tweets in Arabic, in order to uncover trends in the Arabic social media networks
3. During the scanning process, it determined the country from which the posts/tweets were sent (Egypt, Jordan, etc.)
4. It determined the topic with which the posts/tweets dealt with (such as sports, religion, etc.)
5. Then, it determined the sub-category of the posts/tweets (for example: if it's sports, then is it basketball, football, etc.?)

An example of the robot's research outcome was, for example, as such: it found that 50% of the Egyptians spoke about religion, and out of these 30% spoke about Ramadan and Islam marriage laws.

AI robot research outcome

This process is highly complex, as posts and tweets are written in natural language.1 And so, the AI robot must utilize highly developed and sophisticated text analysis abilities, in order to analyze every single post and determine whether it's relevant or not.

It is also important to note that the project did not consist of any structured categories – there was no table of categories or any pre-determined categorization system that could've assisted in diagnosing and sorting the data into the pre-defined categories. The robot had to determine the categories and sub-categories while analyzing the posts and tweets.


The AI robot produced a highly informative list of trends and their segmentations, allowing the client to observe the Arab world's top trending cultural topics.

1 A natural language is a human language, that is structured only by the rules of linguistics and by categories.

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