Patent Loss – What to Expect and How to Prepare

Patent Loss – What to Expect and How to Prepare

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Many branded pharmaceutical companies are experiencing and will experience a patent loss process.

Although the PLC (Product Life Cycle) is an important part of any strategy, 20 years or more of patent protection has a toll on how tightly product value chain is managed or how much effort is invested in maintaining patient loyalties.

Once a patent has expired, it may lead to losing clients and decreasing. As the generics' manufacturers do not need the R&D phase, their prices are significantly lower than the generics. According to Harvard Medical School researchers, branded drugs' prices drop by 55-66% when 2 or more generics have entered the market.
How can you prepare for the day when you lose your patent? How can you maintain your brand and profits? What can be done?

Tefen has gained experience with big pharma companies and has developed a unique approach, aiming to provide methodologies and solutions for branded companies to maintain profits.

When losing a patent is in the horizon, taking a generic perspective on a branded product value chain is a way to prepare for the years to come. A Supply Chain “Make-Over” is required, and we can conduct an end to end (supplier to customer) analysis, discover and join you in implementations where you can save COGS and expenses in the supply chain and streamline operations – before the patent expires.

In addition, Tefen can find ways for your company to create added value services and increase customer loyalty with aims to decrease customer switching to cheaper treatments.

These “Patient Services” platforms are the keys for success in today’s competitive market landscape. We can provide you with new and innovative added value activities which you can offer to existing and future clients.

Find out more about how we assisted a Big Pharma company develop Innovative Product and Service Models.

For further information, please contact Eli Pelleg, COO of Tefen.

Eli Pelleg

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Multidisciplinary Performance Improvement Expert

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